- We believe that our Total Quality notion begins with first being respectful to our customers and employees.

- It is our company's quality policy to comply with the conditions of Quality Management System, to develop our quality management system without compromising.

- We believe that we will be able to provide the customer satisfaction by both in the quality of product and in the quality of service with our superior quality notion

- We see it between our targets that we can not increase the quality without the participation of our employees and to increase the motivation of our employees.

- In settling our quality Notion, we hold it our duty to always collaborate with our suppliers and to share the quality sense we have.

Our Mission ;
- To be a company that is focused on customer satisfaction; that has a sense of sustanible perfection notion; that never compromises the quality in the production and services; that is open to change and always changing; that has a sense of dynamic and teamwork and that is sensitive to environment and the public.

Our Vision;
- To take the customer and employee satisfaction to the top, in every field of activity, to offer the best service and products and with its competitive progress policy, to gain its place among the companies that contribute to the public progress while our company develops in accordance with the conditions of our age

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